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On Being Positive | Irina Marchenkova

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Being positive is more than just thinking in a positive way. But one way to improve our lives is to be positive. Let me give you an example. A couple of months ago a friend of mine had an accident water skiing. he pulled the muscle in his leg right off the bone. he had to have the surgery and he may never walk again the same way.

When I heard about this the first thing I said to my friend is you know it could have been so much worse. As a positive person, he took the same position. We don’t know what the alternative to the bad things that happen to us. The alternative could be much much worse. We don’t even know the alternative of the good things that happen to us!

That is why I believe it’s always important to thank whatever super power you believe in for both the good and the bad that happens to you. That’s about being positive, being able to look beyond the negative things that happen to us and being able to truly understand that those negative things may actually be gifts, even though they may not look like gifts at the time.

I have another friend who had a very difficult time in the end of their first marriage. He was very despondent and couldn’t see to how his life was going to go on. What is interesting is that after the relationship was over, he could then look back and realize how bad the relationship was for him. He couldn’t see that when he was in the relationship. He realized this after the relationship was over. Although it seemed like the end of the world at the time, he realized that the event of the ending of the relationship was actually very good for him. Finally he ended up in a new relationship that was much more healthy. What I am trying to say is that sometimes we have to embrace the things that we think might be very negative of the time. It’s a kind of faith that everything that’s given to you, good or bad, is a gift.

Sometimes the gift comes in the form of the opportunity to learn a lesson, sometimes it comes in the form of having decisions made for us that we would not otherwise made, and sometimes it comes in the form of life events. Whatever form it comes if you are able to embrace all of the good and bad happens to you and you are on your way to being positive.

Irina Marchenkova is a personal trainer at Life Time Athletics in Ajax, Ontario a blogger and the owner of CHIC Luxury Soaps, CHIC Sports, Fit at Forty PLUS Club, and CHIC Oils.

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